Our services – treatments, rehabilitation & physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is concerned with a variety of therapeutic methods and techniques which are devoted to developing, maintaining, and restoring mobility and functionality to the greatest extent possible. It is applied for health promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation throughout the whole life span of the patient. Physiotherapy interventions are dedicated to children and people whose motor activities and functions have become impaired as a result of injuries or illnesses, at some point in their life. As well as the elderly, when their functionality is compromised by the processes of aging.  Full and functional motor abilities are an undeniable indicator of health. The physiotherapist uses their knowledge and skills to select the appropriate methods and techniques. Through examinations and functional tests, the progress of the patient’s treatment is assessed on an ongoing basis. This allows the physiotherapist to continuously monitor the effects of their work, verify, and modify the treatment program as needed. The purpose is to achieve the best possible results in restoring physical fitness.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation

Manual lymphatic drainage

BOA compression therapy

Rehabilitation of balance disorders

NDT-Bobath physiotherapy

Shockwave therapy

Urogynecological therapy

Pulmonary rehabilitation (respiratory)

Maitland physiotherapy

NDT Bobath-Baby physiotherapy


Orthopedic rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation

Craniosacral therapy

Myofascial therapy